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Table of contents:
1. Advantages and disadvantages of mobile cranes
2. Types of mobile cranes
3. Where to rent a reputable mobile crane
4. Rental price of mobile cranes
5. Factors affecting the rental price

6. Popular rental tire crane load

On the market today, there are many products of mobile cranes from many different brands such as: Tadano, Sany, Kato, Liebherr,... However, Japanese mobile cranes are still preferred by the load. diverse weight, lifting capacity, flexible and safe hoisting. Are you in need of use and want to find a reputable tire crane rental unit to cooperate? So do not ignore this article of ours. A lot of useful information will be sent to you shortly.

Mayxaydungvn's mobile crane is one of the prestigious and professional rental equipment . Produced on modern technological lines with high precision. With flexibility, safety, ability to lift heavy-duty cranes, Liebherr, Tadano, Sany, Kato cranes have been conquering Vietnamese users in all aspects.

500 ton wheeled crane

500 ton mobile crane for rent

Mayxaydungvn specializes in renting mobile cranes in Vietnam. Equipment imported from Japan, Singapore and EU

1. Assess the advantages and limitations of renting a crane truck

Before finding out where is a reputable tire crane rental address, good crane rental price. Let us evaluate whether this type of crane has the advantages and limitations, suitable for your use needs or not.

1.1, Advantages of mobile crane

The reason mobile cranes are used more and more popularly, because they conquer users with a series of notable advantages as follows:

- High-grade rubber mobile design makes the crane easy to move and maneuver on all different terrains in the construction, does not take as much time to move and install as renting a crawler crane. From flat terrain to rough, bumpy places.

- Flexibility to change the crane length

- Large cabin design, simple design control buttons, bring safety and comfort to the operator.

- Diverse payload, suitable for diverse needs of users.

1.2, Limitations of mobile crane

Besides the above great advantages, mobile cranes also have certain limitations. In which, it is not possible to work in difficult terrain or small working radius , then renting a crawler crane can meet the requirements . Therefore, you should only use cranes to hoist goods and materials in places with stable working surfaces and structural terrain, not too rough or dangerous.

50 ton kato crane

KATO KR-50H-V 50 ton mobile crane for rent is specialized for lifting heavy goods, lifting goods, transporting goods with large loads or unloading goods from containers, lifting and lowering to floors in factories , ... Cranes. specializes in transporting all kinds of construction materials and goods for projects throughout the provinces and cities across the country.

2. Main types of cranes for hire:

Currently, mobile crane rental is the most rented with 2 main types such as:

  • Rough Terrain Cranes: Rough Terrain Cranes, also known as fat mobile cranes, use wheel drive to move on short journeys, more flexible in construction.

  • All Terrain Cranes: all-terrain cranes use mobile form with all wheels to move. With all wheels rotating so that the crane can move and work on many different terrains.

- 2-cabin all-terrain crane: extremely large lifting capacity, can reach over 800 tons. Ability to move quickly, long rod but not allow to move in narrow terrain.

3. Reputable tire crane rental address

To be able to rent a reputable, genuine standard mobile crane with the most reasonable crane rental price , come to Mayxaydungvn - The number 1 reputable tire crane rental unit in Vietnam. We specialize in renting all kinds of construction machinery and cranes at the best prices.

The quality of Tadano and Kato crane products that we rent is over 80% . mobile crane products are carefully checked for quality before handing over to customers by technical experts . We are ready to support 24/7 whenever customers need. And fix the problem quickly within 12 hours from receiving the notification.

120 ton wheeled crane for rent

Mayxaydungvn provides cranes for rent 120 tons Liebherr with main boom length 50.5 (m), auxiliary boom 17 (m) easily implemented in the fields of: factory construction, road construction, building construction, building,…

4. How much does it cost to rent a mobile crane?

Crane rental prices vary based on many factors, so the only way to get an accurate price is to request a quote from a reputable supplier. Since there are thousands of crane models with different features and specifications, there is no simple answer as to how much it costs to rent a crane. However, it will help you to have some idea of ​​the rental cost. In general, a 25 ton truck crane costs about 5 million VND per day to rent and a 50 ton crane costs about 8 million USD per day, while a large 220 ton tire crane can cost around 450. million VND per month.

Besides the rental cost, make sure you consider the additional costs involved:

  1. Transportation and assembly : Many tire cranes have to be delivered to the job site, like a crawler crane, or even assembled, like a tower crane.
  2. Permits : Usually, cranes require a license to operate, so check with your local jurisdiction to understand the costs and paperwork involved.
  3. Qualified Operators : All cranes require qualified operators, operators and signalers, which are essential for safe lifting.
  4. Other Fees : Disconnect power lines, prepare lifting plans, pay overtime, and other expenses that come with crane hire.

However, these fees are also part of the determining factors in the price of a mobile crane.

tire crane rental price
Liebherr 220 ton crane for rent at wind power project

5. Factors affecting the cost of tire crane rental

Several factors affect the final crane rental cost, and understanding them will help you make a good decision for your specific rental needs.

These are the most important factors to determine the cost of crane rental:

  • Crane Type : Depending on the type of crane you hire, the cost will range from hundreds to tens of millions to hundreds of millions.
  • Lifting capacity : The rental cost of a high-load crane is more expensive than a low-load tire crane. Some of the largest mobile cranes can lift more than 800 tons.
  • Location : Depending on the location of the work or project you are implementing, rental prices can vary significantly.
  • Rental period : While renting a tire crane for a long time is always more expensive, the cost per day is significantly reduced when you rent a crane on a weekly or monthly basis.
  • Current Demand : During a construction boom, crane demand is high and costs can increase dramatically.

Considering all these factors will help you better understand what you are looking at when requesting a crane rental quote.

You may also want to consider whether renting a tow truck or buying a mobile crane is more appropriate depending on your particular situation.

150 ton wheeled crane for rent

6. Some popular types of cranes for hire in Vietnam are:

Currently, the Company is leasing mobile cranes from 25 tons to 750 tons:

25 ton mobile crane:

50 ton mobile crane:

80 ton mobile truck crane:

90 ton mobile crane:

100 ton mobile crane:

150 ton mobile crane:

220 ton mobile crane:

300 ton mobile crane:

Forklift truck 400 tons:

500 ton mobile crane:

Crane truck 800 tons

Please let us know some information: rental time, use location, crane type ... We will send you the most detailed crane rental quote .


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