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JLG forklift truck


In production, construction, loading and unloading of goods, access to high positions that are very safe requires forklift trucks. In the world, there are many manufacturers of forklift trucks with all designs, models and types. Among them are JLG forklifts.

JLG - USA is a world-renowned manufacturer with many features, super durable forklift products, ensuring safety for users. In 2010, the market of JLG forklift trucks started to appear in Vietnam market, bringing extremely effective construction solutions because of the investment costs as well as the reasonable price of forklifts for investment. Currently JLG has a lot of forklift products, among which are: Scissor lift and Boom lift.

Dãy sản phẩm xe nâng JLG

JLG Series - Made in USA

1. What is a forklift? Used in what

Aerial work platform (also known as Aerial work platform), also known as overhead device, elevating work platform EWP, or mobile elevating work MEWP platform) is a mechanized device that lifts people and goods to access high positions that ladders cannot. Forklift is used for the purpose of quick access, flexibility, maintenance, construction, ... Forklift is operated by only one person to save labor costs and especially safe. Safe with absolute strict standards. So what types of JLG forklifts

2. Scissor Lift scissor lif

JLG scissor lift, also known as ziczac lift. This is one of the devices with the vertical lifting function, being used by many contractors and constructions. This type of scissor lift is designed as a raised floor, with a floor area of ​​1.5m2 to 3m2. You can use this vehicle indoors and outdoors. Lifting capacity reaches from 200 Kg - 400 Kg.

2.1, JLG electric scissor lift

In today's JLG scissor lifts, scissor lift or electric lift lift is the equipment that we can't help but mention. JLG electric scissor lift is suitable for moving in small spaces such as apartments, private houses, factories. The height that the car can lift ranges from about 4m - 14m. In particular, this electric forklift JLG does not produce emissions, so it protects your health, the environment and less noise when operating.

JLG electric scissor lift

2.2, JLG scissor lift running engine

JLG forklift forklifts are suitable for rough, uneven terrain areas, suitable for outdoor work. In areas where the terrain is not flat, on the construction sites, constructions, JLG forklifts, scissoring all terrains are extremely effective. The height of a motorized scissor lift can reach a maximum of 18m. However, the price of electric forklifts is higher than that of electric ones.

JLG engine scissor lift

3. JLG Boom Lift

Boom Lift is also one of the most popular types of lift trucks. Boom Lift is extremely scientific design, so it can be used in many fields, especially common applications in construction and maintenance. Moreover, JLG forklifts have many different designs and models for you to choose such as: Electric cars (battery cars), diesel-powered cars, telescopic boom lift cars or folding joints ...

Xe nâng người JLG cần thẳng

3.1, JLG Articulating Boom Lift: need folding

JLG folding forklifts are often suitable for areas with small spaces, usually indoors and factories, especially working well structural steel, prefabricated steel buildings. The height that JLG Boom Lift can reach is up to 48m. Not only is it powered by motors, it can also run on electricity for lower elevation floor models.

3.2, Telescopic Boom Lift JLG: need a retractable shape

JLG Telescopic Boom Lift telescopic boom lift is highly appreciated for its convenience. This vehicle can be operated outdoors, needs a lot of mobility, common applications in constructing bridges and roads, buildings, the maximum lifting height reaches 58m. JLG Boom Lift compact lift forklift suitable for use when need to move through many different locations, no worries bulky. The car can run on Diesel, and runs on electricity so it is safe and convenient.

4. JLG Vertical Lift vertical lift

The vertical JLG forklift is highly appreciated because the lifting height can be up to 14m. JLG vertical forklift has an extremely compact design so it ensures flexibility for hotels, commercial centers, ... This type of forklift truck has both indoor and outdoor types. Vehicles using tires and using electric motors do not cause noise pollution.

5. JLG spider-forklift truck

JLG X33JP forklift truck is designed as a spider's foot, can work in rough, uneven terrain, approaching the position of the upper bend. The working height of the vehicle 32.48 (m) is easy to perform in construction, maintenance, repair, ..
• Increased accessibility - Wide range of work with design needs to be at the top of the market
• Increased stability - Crawler expansion for greater stability while moving.
• Higher capacity - The highest capacity in the 230 kg range is not limited
• More economical - Emissions and noise are kept to a minimum.

6. Why choose us to buy and rent JLG manlifts?

  • Ensure that our companies comply with ISO 9001: 2015 standards
    Customers trained in safety requirements and equipment operation will be provided
    Technology transfer for customers who buy and rent forklifts
    Above are the American JLG forklift trucks made in the market. Currently, Mayxaydungvn is importing, distributing exclusively products and leasing the world's leading forklift truck nationwide! If you are concerned about forklift price, please contact us immediately: