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Used manlift

Description: In construction and production, forklifts are extremely important equipment. However, the cost of this vehicle is often expensive, so for small businesses, choosing an old forklift is the optimal solution.


For small production and business enterprises, investing in a new forklift is extremely expensive. Instead, choosing an old forklift is the solution to save costs and still achieve high efficiency. So how to choose an old forklift to ensure safety and quality?


Forklift is a special construction vehicle, which helps to bring people into working or observation positions. Forklifts have advanced and complex uses, sizes, and structures, so the price is often expensive. Therefore, buying and selling used forklifts is the solution that many people choose. To choose an old forklift to ensure working performance, durability, and reasonable price, it is necessary to pay attention to the following 5 things:

1, When to buy?

Although used forklifts have a lower price than new ones, businesses still need to consider, because even if it is a cheap used forklift, it is still a big investment. When a new or small-scale business has frequent use needs, when implementing a number of short-term or recurring projects each period, renting a forklift will be the right solution. If the business needs to use the forklift continuously and regularly, it is advisable to buy an old forklift, and at the same time consider choosing a vehicle with a good battery.


2, Calculating investment budget

Before investing in machinery and equipment, determine the investable budget of the business. There are many different types of forklifts on the market, many different models and different prices for forklifts. Depending on the purpose of use, the time of use, the amount of money that can be invested, choose the right vehicle.

3, Check vehicle origin

When choosing to buy a used forklift, it is necessary to carefully check the origin of the vehicle, consider the brand, technical parameters and relevant legal documents. This inspection will help you have a basis to find and buy replacement parts and repair if the car has problems during use.

4, Check the condition of the old forklift

When buying, ask to test drive the car to be able to evaluate the engine noise, from which to know the quality of the car. Take a test drive to see the vehicle's movement, check the highest floor lift of the vehicle. Good forklifts will keep a good balance. With electric vehicles, battery testing is very important. If the car runs weak, the battery has a problem, please ask the seller to change the battery for a new one.

Check the hydraulic system oil to make sure there is no leak. Because used cars often rust, it is easy to leak.


5, Don't be afraid to ask about the warranty

When buying a used forklift, do not hesitate to ask the seller about the warranty. Make sure when there is a problem, you get the best support from the seller. Some old forklifts that are not mass-produced often do not have available equipment, spare parts will be difficult to warrant, please discuss this issue carefully.

6, Observe the forklift hardware and appearance

Look closely to see if the car is dented, distorted anywhere? Check if the car has been repainted, reworked, the support positions have cracks, welds. Next is to check if the front and rear tires are too worn? Does the fork have cracked or broken lines? The chain also needs careful inspection. Check the title, turn signal, rearview mirror, explosion ...


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