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Crawler cranes for hire 1200 tons, installation and commissioning - UMAC VN

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Truck cranes are used to pick up larger parcels without the ability to move by hand. Depending on the item, the type of crane used will be different. Renting a 1200 ton crawler crane is the most preferred type because of its largest lifting weight. So what do you know about this type of crane information? What are its advantages and disadvantages? Find out immediately in the article below okay?

1, What is 1200 ton crawler crane?

Crawler crane 1200 tons is a kind of crawler moving machine used to transport the mass of cargo with a tonnage from a few dozen to a few hundred tons at drilling production ports, petrochemical refinery projects, projects. wind power, ... The terrain is bumpy and undulating.

Cho thuê cẩu bánh xích 1200 tấn
Crawler crane 1200 tons for rent in petrochemical project

2, Advantages when renting crawler crane 1200 tons

This 1200 ton type crawler crane is pretty much hired at construction sites because of the following strengths:

Crawler crane 1200 tons with high engine, big load but moving extremely flexible on all terrains, especially soft ground, muddy, rugged top without obstacles.
Relatively fast moving speed in narrow spaces from 1.5-3.5km / h.
Its length varies by type but can be lifted at a height, serving the needs of the builder.
When there is a need to assemble at projects with large area and high height, people can equip it with a mine or convert it into a tower crane.
The fairly quick design helps the 1200 ton crawler crane and the main length of up to 90 m work smoothly with great lift.
Can stand even without the support leg.
Change the distance between the two chains.
Can both move and hoist the load.
However, it also has some small drawbacks such as the vehicle's weight is very heavy, if moving in large spaces, it is a bit slow.

And when transporting far, it is necessary to dismantle, use specialized means of transport such as tractors, ships, ... to the next location.

thuê cẩu 1200 tấn
Crane rental of 1200 tons including operating techniques

3, Application of 1200 tons crawler crane

Crawler cranes are used extensively in construction areas to transport power generation piles, oil filter blocks in projects, piles, concrete blocks, large-sized steel and iron poles, lifting Heavy cargo at the docks. In addition, crawler cranes are used to assemble concrete piles, prefabricated equipment and workshops.

thuê cẩu bánh xích 1200 tấn
Rental of large tonnage crawler cranes 1200 tons used in construction sites

This crane has a large volume and comes with a high cost. Not all businesses have the financial resources to meet. So renting crawler crane is the preferred choice for many businesses.

U-Mac Viet is proud to be a unit with long experience in renting crawler cranes with 1200 tons in particular and other sizes in general. Here you will get advice from a team of experienced experts, the enthusiastic support from the company in the transportation, rental as well as the quality of products suitable to the rent of 1200 tons crawler cranes. Please contact us at the information below to receive advice. Contact details:


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