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Forklift rental price in Xuyen A Industrial Park - Duc Hoa

Thứ ba, 18/07/2023, 14:50 GMT+7

Xuyen A Industrial Park in Long An province is one of the strongly developed industrial parks in production and business in Long An. Along with that, the need for factory construction and maintenance is increasing, forklift rental service at Xuyen A Industrial Park - Long An plays an important role in meeting the needs of working at height for businesses. industry in this area.

Table of Contents:
Price list for renting forklifts in Xuyen A Industrial Park
2. Choosing suitable types of forklifts
3. Process of renting forklifts in Xuyen A Industrial Park
4. Why choose us?

Rent a forklift in Xuyen A Industrial ParkForklift rental for Xuyen A Industrial Park - installation of ventilation system

1. Price list for renting a forklift in Xuyen A - Duc Hoa District

When you need forklift rental service in Xuyen A Industrial Park , one of the important factors you need to consider is price.

Below is a price list for forklift rental in Xuyen A for reference:

No Device Working height Rental price per day
first Scissor lift 6m 460,000 VND - 560,000 VND
2 8m 560,000 VND - 660,000 VND
3 10m 660,000 VND - 760,000 VND
4 12 m 760,000 VND - 860,000 VND
5 14m 1,220,000 VND - 1,320,000 VND
6 16m 1,320,000 VND - 1,520,000 VND
7 Boom lift electric forklift 12m to 20m 1,620,000 VND - 2,720,000 VND
8 Boom lift forklift runs on oil 20m to 35m 2,650,000 VND - 4,650,000 VND
9 35m to 48m 4,750,000 VND - 7,650,000 VND

We provide flexible pricing policies, suitable to the needs and budget of each business.

2. How to choose the type of forklift to rent in Xuyen A

How to choose the right forklift in Xuyen A
Choose the appropriate Boom Lift or scissor lift to work in Xuyen A

When learning about forklift rental services in Long An in general and Xuyen A Industrial Park in particular, you will have many different types of forklifts to choose from.

Common types of forklifts include: scissor lifts, Boom Lifts, all-terrain wheels, spider legs, crane lifts...

  • Determine the location, working surface, whether there is a concrete or dirt floor

  • How many meters is the working height and reach?

  • How many Kg does the load need to be lifted?

After determining the answers to the above basic factors, from there you will choose the type of forklift in Xuyen A that suits your needs.

3. Trans-Asia forklift rental process

Boom Lift 20m forklift working across Asia
Boom Lift forklift rental with height 20m working in Xuyen A Industrial Park

  1. Contact and consultation: You can contact Hotline 0975 704 000 - the forklift rental unit in Xuyen A Industrial Park to get advice on your needs and the type of forklift most suitable for the job.

  2. Choose the type of forklift: Based on the information received, we will advise on the type of forklift that best suits your needs and is most cost-effective.

  3. Contract agreement: After choosing the type of forklift, rental time, and delivery location, you and we will sign a rental contract.

  4. Forklift delivery: we will deliver the forklift to the required location as per the contract and provide instructions on how to use it safely and effectively.

  5. Payment and vehicle handover: After the end of the rental period, you pay the rental fee and hand the forklift back to us. After receiving payment, we will return the deposit as agreed. according to the contract (if any).


4. Why should you choose us to rent a forklift in Xuyen A Industrial Park?

Xuyen A forklift - Long An
Rental of 18m scissor lift to build a factory working in Xuyen A Industrial Park - Long An

  1. Experience and quality: We have many years of experience in providing forklift rental services in Xuyen A Industrial Park - Long An , ensuring to bring the highest quality and efficiency to your business.

  2. Variety of vehicle types: We provide a variety of forklifts for working at height to suit all your work requirements.

  3. Professional staff: Our team of technicians and consultants are always willing to assist you during the car rental process.

  4. 24/7 support service: We are committed to providing 24/7 support service, being there to fix problems as soon as possible to ensure you always receive support when needed.


12m scissor lift for rent in Xuyen A
12m scissor lift for rent to work at Xuyen A Industrial Park - Duc Hoa District

Forklift rental service at Xuyen A Industrial Park - Long An is the optimal choice to solve the need for lifting people to work at height effectively in the field of industrial construction and maintenance. Contact us today for advice and the best quote.

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