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Thứ sáu, 23/06/2023, 15:09 GMT+7

When your work requires access to elevated areas that are inaccessible by conventional means, using a forklift is an effective and safe solution. We provide high quality forklift rental service in Soc Trang , meeting all your requirements. In this article, we will introduce the price list, rental process, advantages and important notes when renting a forklift in Soc Trang.

Table of Contents:
Price list for forklift rental in Soc Trang
2. Process of renting a forklift in Soc Trang
3. Advantages of renting a forklift
4. Why should you rent a forklift from us in Soc Trang?
5. Experience in renting forklifts

1. Price list for forklift rental in Soc Trang

Cheap Soc Trang forklift
Forklift rental in Soc Trang , cheap rental - good quality

To provide flexibility and meet a variety of customer needs, we provide forklift rental service packages in Soc Trang by shift, by week, by month - with reasonable and suitable prices. with each workload.

Our forklift rental price list is based on the rental period and type of forklift required. Below is the reference price list:

No Device Working height Rental price per day
first Scissor lift 6m 460,000 VND - 560,000 VND
2 8m 560,000 VND - 660,000 VND
3 10m 660,000 VND - 760,000 VND
4 12m 760,000 VND - 860,000 VND
5 14m 1,160,000 VND - 1,260,000 VND
6 16m 1,250,000 VND - 1,450,000 VND
7 Boom lift electric forklift 12m to 20m 1,550,000 VND - 2,550,000 VND
8 Boom lift diesel powered forklift 20m to 35m 2,150,000 VND - 4,570,000 VND
9 35m to 48m 4,200,000 VND - 7,500,000 VND

You can contact us to receive a detailed quote and advice on choosing the right vehicle for your needs.

2. Soc Trang forklift rental process

Soc Trang forklift rental
Forklift rental for factory construction in Song Hau Industrial Park - Soc Trang Province

Our forklift rental process in Soc Trang is simple and convenient for customers.

  • Step 1: you need to contact us to provide information about work needs such as: rental time, location, working height, reach, inside or outside the factory,...
  • Step 2: we will choose the type of electric or diesel forklift, scissor or Boom Lift that is right for you.
  • Step 3: From the above information, we will send you a detailed quotation including the unit price for renting and transporting a forklift to the construction site in Soc Trang.
  • Step 4: confirm the quote, make a deposit and proceed to hand over the vehicle and provide operating instructions to customers at the construction site.
  • Step 5: After the contract ends, if the customer does not need to extend further, we will receive the equipment back and transport the vehicle to the warehouse.

Once the forklift is at the construction site, we will have technical handover and instructions for use for you.

Ensuring safety during work is our top priority, so we ensure that your employees will be instructed to use forklifts in Soc Trang safely and effectively.


3. Advantages of renting a forklift in Soc Trang

Soc Trang electric forklift
Electric scissor lift for rent - working height 12m - Chau Thanh District - Soc Trang

Renting a forklift in Soc Trang brings many important advantages for your work.

  • Using a forklift helps save time and effort. You can accurately reach high positions easily and quickly, minimizing time and effort compared to using traditional methods.
  • Forklifts provide the world's leading safe working solution for working at height. Widely and commonly used inside and outside buildings, civil construction, and factory maintenance.
  • Renting a forklift saves significant costs compared to buying a new one. You do not need to invest a large amount of money to own a forklift, you just need to pay a rental fee according to your needs. This helps you be flexible in capital resources and optimize costs for your project.


4. Why should you choose to rent a forklift from us in Soc Trang?

Boom Lift Soc Trang forklift
Boom Lift forklift rental in Soc Trang - top choice for customers

When you come to us, you will enjoy a professional and reputable service in renting a forklift in Soc Trang . Here are the reasons why you should choose us:

  • Technical team : We have a team of experienced and highly specialized staff in the field of rental of lifting equipment: forklifts, cranes.
  • Wide variety of forklifts : We offer a diverse range of forklifts to meet different job needs. From scissor lifts suitable for work in the factory, to Boom Lift forklifts suitable for working both in the factory and outdoors.
  • Quality service : We are committed to providing high quality forklifts, which are periodically maintained and thoroughly inspected before delivery to customers. In addition, when the device has a problem, we will be there as soon as possible.
  • Flexible service : We offer many options for customers to rent forklifts by the day, week or for specific projects. The longer the rental period, the more incentives we will have for customers.

5. Experience when renting a forklift in Soc Trang

Scissor lift in Soc Trang
Scissor lift for rent to work in Vinh Chau - Soc Trang

Experience in renting a forklift can help you get the most out of the service and ensure the safety of your work. Some suggestions below:

5.1 Clearly identify the need to rent a forklift in Soc Trang

Before renting a forklift, clearly determine the job you need to perform and specific requirements regarding the type of vertical lift or long reach, whether it runs on oil or electric fuel, outdoors or indoors, and the working height of the forklift. car. This helps ensure you rent a vehicle that suits your job requirements and achieves maximum performance.

5.2 Check vehicle status:

Before using a forklift, check the vehicle's condition carefully. Make sure all hydraulic cylinder systems, wheels, brakes, ... and other components. If you find any problems, please notify us so we can fix them immediately.

Forklift in Soc Trang
Always perform a general check of the forklift before operating it

5.3 Comply with safety rules:

Operators must be equipped with personal protective equipment such as helmets, safety belts, protective clothing, shoes, etc. In addition, please comply with safety regulations when instructed during handover from we.

5.4 Read and understand the instructions for use:

Before using a forklift in Soc Trang, read and carefully understand the user manual from the supplier. Make sure you are familiar with safety rules, operating procedures and maintenance instructions to ensure safety and efficiency during use.

5.5 Save contact numbers when necessary:

If you encounter any problems or issues with the forklift during your rental, please notify us immediately. This enables us to provide support and troubleshoot problems quickly and safely, ensuring uninterrupted workflow.

For more details about each type of forklift and forklift rental price in Soc Trang - contact Hotline 0975 704 000 immediately for the earliest advice and quote!

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