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Professional forklift rental unit in Binh Thuan

Thứ tư, 28/06/2023, 08:38 GMT+7

Forklift rental in Binh Thuan is an effective solution to meet the needs of using forklifts in construction projects, maintenance work, installation and many other fields. Renting a forklift not only saves initial investment costs but also brings flexibility and convenience in use.

Table of Contents:
Overview of forklift rental service in Binh Thuan
2. Price list for forklift rental in Binh Thuan
3. Process of renting a forklift in Binh Thuan
4. Where should you rent a forklift in Binh Thuan?
5. Note when renting a forklift

1. Overview of forklift rental service in Binh Thuan

Binh Thuan forklift
Forklift rental service in Binh Thuan for working at height

Forklift rental is an important and necessary service in the industry and construction industry, meeting the need to use forklifts to perform work at height, such as installation, maintenance, cleaning, repair, or other related work.

Forklift supply service in Binh Thuan includes industrial parks : Phan Thiet, Becamex VSIP Binh Thuan, Tan Duc, Son My, Tuy Phong, Ham Kiem, Tan Binh, ...

With a team of experienced staff and ownership of a variety of forklifts, we are proud to be a reliable partner for all forklift rental needs in Binh Thuan .

2. Price list for forklift rental in Binh Thuan

Forklift rental in Binh Thuan
Genie 3246 forklift rental in Binh Thuan - cheap price

The price of renting a forklift in Binh Thuan can vary depending on many factors such as vehicle type, rental time, work to be performed and other special requirements.

Below is the Binh Thuan forklift price list for reference:

No Device Working height Rental price per day
first Scissor lift 6m 490,000 VND - 590,000 VND
2 8m 590,000 VND - 690,000 VND
3 10m 690,000 VND - 790,000 VND
4 12m 790,000 VND - 890,000 VND
5 14m 1,190,000 VND - 1,290,000 VND
6 16m 1,270,000 VND - 1,470,000 VND
7 Boom lift electric forklift 12m to 20m 1,570,000 VND - 2,570,000 VND
8 Boom lift forklift runs on oil 20m to 35m 2,200,000 VND - 4,600,000 VND
9 35m to 48m 4,300,000 VND - 7,300,000 VND

For detailed information about car rental prices, you should contact us directly via Hotline 0975 704 000 to receive the earliest advice and quote for your project.

3. Process of renting a forklift in Binh Thuan province

Binh Thuan self-propelled forklift
The process of renting a forklift in Binh Thuan is extremely simple for customers

Below is the basic 4-step process when renting a forklift in Binh Thuan :

  • Step 1: Contact us and provide detailed information about the work you need to perform such as: construction height, construction location, working space, rental period,...
  • Step 2: After receiving information, we will propose solutions, choose the type of forklift suitable for your job and include a quote for forklift delivery at the construction site in Binh Thuan.
  • Step 3: After agreeing on the price and agreeing on all details, you and we will sign a forklift rental contract. This contract will clearly state important information such as rental period, price, responsibilities of each party and other related terms.
  • Step 4: After the contract is signed, we will bring the forklift equipment to the work site and provide operating instructions to the customer. During the rental process, we will be responsible for maintaining and repairing the forklift if any errors arise from the equipment.

4. Why should you choose to rent a forklift in Binh Thuan from us?

Binh Thuan scissor lift
Scissor lift for rent to work in Ham Kiem Industrial Park - Ham Thuan Nam - Binh Thuan

  • Forklift capacity:

We have 15 years of experience in providing forklift sales and rental services in Binh Thuan. We clearly understand the needs and requirements of our customers and are committed to providing the most optimal solutions.

  • Diverse types of forklifts:

We have a diverse range of forklifts available, from scissor lifts to boom lifts. Helps meet customers' all job requirements.

Self-propelled forklift rental service in Binh Thuan
Boom Lift 20m forklift rental service working in Phan Thiet Industrial Park - Binh Thuan

  • Team of consultants and technicians:

We have a team of experienced staff and are highly trained in lifting equipment such as forklifts. We will support customers during the process of renting a forklift in Binh Thuan , providing operating instructions and ensuring absolute safety during use.

  • Service quality:

We are committed to providing forklifts that guarantee quality, performance and safety. At the same time, we are always ready to support customers in all issues related to forklift rental.


5. Important notes when renting a forklift

Binh Thuan people elevator
Rental of
elevators for factory construction workers in Tuy Phong Industrial Park - Binh Thuan

  • Choose a reputable rental company : Research and choose a reputable forklift rental company with good rental prices and equipment.
  • Check records : Before renting, ask to provide inspection and insurance documents related to the forklift to check the capacity and quality, year of manufacture, technical specifications, ...
  • Consider the rental time : Plan and evaluate the forklift rental time to suit your project or job. The longer the rental period, the more incentives you get, but it also affects the project cost.
  • Agreement and commitment in the contract : Make sure that the forklift rental contract clearly states the parameters and responsibilities for maintenance and repair of the vehicle. This ensures that you are not responsible for damages that you did not cause.
  • Pay attention to safety : use the forklift according to the rental unit's instructions including: tonnage, working height, and environmental conditions. Make sure you use the forklift according to the instructions.

Above is important information about renting a forklift in Binh Thuan. Choosing the right forklift rental not only helps you save costs and optimize your work, but also ensures safety and efficiency during work.

Choosing us is always a reputable and quality forklift rental partner in Binh Thuan . Please contact us today to receive advice and meet all your needs.

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